Timothy’s Campus is a Nationally Recognized Aboretum
Joshua Bode '21

Nature has always affected Mr. Wiener very deeply and the Timothy campus is no exception. He can often be found on prayer walks in the spring and summer. He encourages all students to take such walks. He has experienced some of his most impactful spiritual moments out in nature, and frequently senses God’s peace in his life when he takes time out of the day to focus on Him.

And the Timothy campus in no exception.

Over 60 varieties of trees are on the 24-acre campus, including a row of Osage orange trees that predate 1960, when the property was still a mushroom farm. Most of the trees were planted by Mr. John Harkema over the last 50 years. Even though Mr. Harkema retired from teaching years ago, it’s not unusual to see him tending to trees and planting flowers around campus.

“No other school has a person like him. He is so unique and such a rare individual with his commitment to Timothy Christian,” Mr. Wiener says. “The work I have done hasn’t even come close to scratching the surface of what he has done.”

Timothy is the first preschool-12th-grade school in Illinois, and only the fifth preschool – 12th grade school in the nation, to be recognized as an arboretum.