Hally Huizenga '22

Our nerves were high as we approached the doors leading to the gymnasium. All I could think about was that this routine had to be perfect. It was our one chance to show the judges we were ready for State. 

From the start of our competitive season we faced many challenges, from concussions to a torn ACL. But this was not going to stop us. Timothy’s Cheerleading team has made it to State 13 years in a row thanks to our wonderful coaches and all the hard work the team put in.

And now was our chance to do it again. We needed to work as hard as we could for the three minutes. We had to prove to the judges we were State ready, and we had to make every second count. As they called us out onto the floor, I saw the gym was packed. I ran to my spot. I took in a deep breath, trying to get rid of my nerves. The whole routine all came together. We hit zero! Which meant we landed every stunt and tumble and no one violated the safety rules. 

Our coach, Aaron Armstrong, jumped up and down, pumping his fist in the air — thrilled how everything had come together. The second our routine was finished I ran into my teammates’ arms, we all had tears in our eyes finally releasing all our pent up stress and nerves. 

I have learned to never give up and continue to work as hard as I can.

Cheer takes a lot of dedication and determination, which can be hard at times during the season, but one thing that has really helped me has been my team. I never knew a team could be so close and connected. Every practice, especially since I am a flyer, I have had to put a lot of trust in my teammates. 

But my team, especially my captains, helped me with all of their encouragement. And no matter how many times I fell, my bases were always there to catch me. I have learned to never give up and continue to work as hard as I can. 

It was finally time for awards to see who would go to State. We were still filled with joy from our routine, but now the nerves came back with a vengeance. We sat in a circle holding each other’s hands listening to the announcer, praying our name would be called. Finally the announcer called: “The next team advancing to state is TIMOTHY CHRISTIAN!” 

All of our hard work paid off, and we went on to compete at State. We didn’t have a perfect routine, but we placed 10th. I’m proud of our team and how we came together and built each other up. Throughout the season we relied on our teams’ verse Deuteronomy 31:6. There’s no doubt Timothy Christian has built a cheer legacy—and it’s taught me to #BeStrong. 

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