Home Learning Student Perspective
Mimi Stanton

“Everyone knows the faculty is the best part of Timothy so it’s hard not to see them and to get to joke around with them in class,” said junior Kate Buikema, noting one of the many adjustments she has had to make while home learning. “Even so, a lot of teachers have done a really good job staying connected to students and making their classes engaging when we have them.”

Vying for a workspace when other family members are also at home can be another challenge for students. “Initially, I was spread all over the house, but after my parents got upset with me, I narrowed it down to one table,” said Buikema.

Senior Ethan Roemmich, who is the oldest of six children, has sometimes found it hard to focus. “It has been pretty easy to get distracted with so many people here,” he said. “Then there’s also the nice weather. I’d rather be outside playing basketball than doing school work.”

Buikema agrees finding motivation can be tough. “I used to get to school at 7:15 am for chamber choir and not get home until 9 pm after musical practice. Every homework assignment had a sense of urgency about it. Now I have all day. It has been hard adjusting to that,” she said. 

Teachers have done a really good job staying connected to students and making their classes engaging.

In addition to home learning adjustments, both Buikema and Roemmich have had to process the disappointment that comes with having extracurricular activities canceled.

Timothy’s Mock Trial team had set its sights on reaching nationals before its season was canceled. “We went to practice that day and ate lots of Thai food – kind of carb loading our pain,” said Buikema. “I feel bad for all the seniors, especially, who we will not have back next year.”

Especially difficult for Buikema was the postponement of Timothy’s musical, The Addams Family, in which she was cast to play the character Wednesday. “This was kind of a dream role for me – a part I’ve wanted to play since I was in fifth grade.” she said, noting that Deanna Markos, Timothy faculty and musical co-director, hopes to reschedule performances. “I really appreciate her trying to make that happen.”

The day Timothy announced it was transitioning to home learning, Roemmich and other members of DECA, an extracurricular club for students interested in business, were scheduled to leave for its state competition. The team had hopes of advancing to nationals. 

But even harder for Roemmich was learning Timothy’s baseball season had been canceled. “I don’t get to finish out my last season playing my favorite sport. Being a captain this year, going back to play in Myrtle Beach, having more fun with the guys, I was looking forward to all of that,” he said. “I don’t even remember my last baseball practice because I didn’t think it would be important to remember it. I thought there would be a next one.”

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