Timothy Christian High School Awarded 2019 National Blue Ribbon
Amy Bode

In September, Timothy Christian High School won the Super Bowl of education. 

What does that mean? Give us a minute to explain. 

Timothy Christian High School was one of only 50 non-public schools in the nation to be awarded the prestigious 2019 National Blue Ribbon Award. This was an extraordinary award! And it is a reflection of our dedicated teachers, staff, and students who Go Beyond and never settle for less. 

This was a cause for a celebration to recognize our teachers who pour their love, wisdom, and guidance into students every day. The celebration started with a surprise assembly and a balloon drop to honor our teachers and announce that we won the 2019 National Blue Ribbon.

Earning a Blue Ribbon is not easy. The process is highly selective and it took a year to complete, but coming off the heels of our revised mission, vision, and values, it seemed appropriate to Go Beyond. To reach higher. And to apply for this award - especially given our extraordinary teaching staff who are dedicated to our mission of igniting academic excellence. Our programs like Renew and MTSS, and our students’ success in the ACT, were evidence of the educational excellence a school must demonstrate simply to qualify to apply for a Blue Ribbon. 

Our application — the numbers, test scores, and countless essays — told a story. A story about a school that for over 100 years has had one mission: Developing courageous leaders who ultimately change the world for Jesus Christ. 

That’s it. That’s who we are. That’s what we do. 

But it’s not an easy task. It requires teachers to Go Beyond every single day for students — to not only teach math, science, and English — but to see each student as an individual. To pray with them, to mentor them, to help develop courageous leaders one student at a time. It requires extracurricular activities that give every student an opportunity to be engaged and participate in our community. From band and orchestra, to drama and Mock Trial, to soccer and basketball — our teachers and staff work tirelessly to hone each student’s God-given gifts and talents. 

Of course these opportunities look good on college applications and help our students get accepted into top-ranked colleges and universities, but you know what else it does? When we have students competing on the national stage in Mock Trial or Robotics, it helps develop Christian doctors, lawyers, engineers, social workers, and teachers. 

And it feeds right back into our mission to develop courageous leaders who will change the world for Jesus Christ. 

According to the U.S. Department of Education’s website, winning a Blue Ribbon means that “these schools serve as examples for other schools throughout the nation.”

There are no better teachers than Timothy Christian High School teachers to serve as examples. If you walk down our halls on any given day, or even look at their home learning plans, it is evident that our teachers not only care about academic achievements, but more importantly, spiritual development. It is their deepest desire to lead their students to serve the Lord. There is nothing greater than that.

Winning a Blue Ribbon put Timothy Christian High School on the national stage. In November, Matt Davidson, Brad Mitchell, and veteran teacher Scott Roelofs accepted the award from Betsy DeVos in Washington, D.C., on behalf of our teachers, students, and staff who Go Beyond. 

Our school colors are still red and white, but you’ll be seeing a lot more blue around our hallways. It will serve as a reminder to stay focused on our mission of inspiring courageous leaders, all for the glory of God.

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