Project IMPACT Phase 3: Excellence Inspires People And Unrelenting Excellence Honors God
Amy Bode

Our High School is Overdue for a Renovation!

Our high school was among 50 nonpublic schools in the entire country to receive the 2019 National Blue Ribbon Award. As our other buildings on campus are among the very best, it is now time for our high school facility to catch up to the success and level of excellence of our students and staff. Prior to the completion of the new science wing in 2012, the high school had not received any significant renovations since the cafeteria was built in 1989. 

If we started adding up all the fundraising dollars committed to our school over the last decade for big, medium, or small causes and projects, the sum would approach 50MM with the completion of Phase 3. The generosity of this Christ-centered community is an inspiration to many and is recognized at other Christian schools across the county. This radical generosity enables our school to operate with an extraordinary level of excellence. We believe that excellence inspires people and that unrelenting excellence honors God.

This is a Major Overhaul

The key spaces most impacted by the project: a clearly defined safe and secure main entrance with enhanced security, another student flow connection between the wings, a centralized location for our offices, collaborative learning and flex spaces, open area gathering spaces to promote community, new lockers, new flooring and ceilings, classroom innovation, air conditioning, a coffee and smoothie bar, and so much more. IT’S ALL COMING SOON!

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