Renew: Social Work Internship
Hally Huizenga '22

Over 50% of Timothy high school students graduate with internship experience. Renew, a 7-day term in January, allows students like junior Matea Cummings to experience a potential career. Matea was always interested in social work, but she had only read about it in books. 

Spending the Renew term with Mrs. Schwarz, the elementary and middle school social worker, gave her hands-on experience which helped her decide it was what she wanted to major in and pursue as her future career. Her internship also helped her clarify that she wants to be in a Christian setting using her faith in her profession just like Mrs. Schwarz.

“Renew is an amazing program and I am blessed each year I have a student,” Mrs. Schwarz says. “An internship is important because students are able to experience a potential career at such a young age. I also enjoy a fresh perspective as I coach my Renew students.”

An internship is important because students are able to experience a potential career at such a young age.

Timothy’s vision is to develop life-long learners and servant leaders who fully live out their purpose in the world for Christ. This is a holistic approach which means our social workers are concerned not only about the students’ academic needs, but for the student as a whole person. They are available to help students recognize their potential by supporting their social and emotional well-being. “I have the honor of helping them to be their best selves and sharing God’s love with them,” Mrs. Schwartz says. 

As an intern, Matea was able to experience the wide array of services the social work office offers to students: from whole class social-emotional lessons, to small groups and individual student sessions. But praying with students was one of Matea’s favorite things to do before they headed back into their classrooms. It was amazing how much peace she was able to see come over them from praying. “It not only establishes confidence in them, but also helps them to know that they’re rooted in something that is unchanging in a world of unpredictability,” Matea says.

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