The Timothy Fund: Holding Fast To The Promises of God
Amy Bode

I want every student back,” Matt Davidson exclaims. “I want to keep this team together.” 

According to Davidson, the COVID-19 pandemic has quickly become the single most disruptive force in Timothy’s 109 year history. And keeping all current students enrolled is Davidson’s top priority. But the reality is that so far, dozens of current families have been so adversely impacted by the pandemic they can no longer afford tuition payments. Many of these families never received tuition assistance before. Unfortunately, this number is expected to grow as the economy worsens. Davidson has received desperate pleas from parents who want to keep their children enrolled at Timothy, but because of sudden economic hardship they simply can no longer afford it. 

“All these families are saying that they want to stay at Timothy,” Davidson says. “I don’t want to lose these families, because, through no fault of their own, their income was hurt by a world-wide pandemic.” 

Davidson is fully committed to helping ensure all students, no matter their family’s economic situation, are able to return in the fall. “In the midst of all this, students need to remain connected with their friends and teachers,” Davidson explained. “When we do return to the classroom, the students and their families will know they remain rooted in the mission of Timothy Christian Schools.”

The economic fallout from COVID-19 will stretch The Timothy Fund as family needs will be higher than we’ve ever seen before.

Under normal circumstances, The Timothy Fund was designed to support all students. It helps fill the gap between tuition and what it actually costs to educate each student. In fact, it is because of the generosity of so many — from parents, grandparents, alumni, and community members – that the board approved a historically low 1% tuition increase for the 2020-2021 school year. Beyond its benefit to the entire community, The Timothy Fund also offers tuition assistance to those families who need more financial support. In fact, tuition assistance has tripled over the last decade. 

But these are not normal circumstances, and the economic fallout from COVID-19 will stretch The Timothy Fund, as family needs will be higher than ever before. A special COVID-19 emergency application was developed and distributed to families in need. “We’re going to work out these customized plans with each family,” Davidson says. “And when it’s all done we’ll add it all up, but it’s not going to be a small sum.”  

But that doesn’t deter Davidson—especially at a time when the world needs more hope and Biblical truth than ever before. He has doubled down on his commitment to help Timothy families in need, because he believes that the investment in our youth is the single most important investment that anyone can make. And our work at Timothy Christian Schools is more crucial now than ever. 

“God chose and trusted us for this time in Timothy’s history,” Davidson says. “May those who come after us say that the good ship Timothy not only bravely weathered the storm and wisely navigated through it, but even displayed an uncommon calmness and assurance in the midst of it. How? Because Timothy held fast to the promises of God. This is my prayer.” 

When you donate to The Timothy Fund, you help ensure that students receive a Christ-centered education and become courageous leaders who fully live out their purpose in the world for Christ. At a time when the world needs hope and Biblical truth, imagine the impact our students will have — all for the glory of God.

100% of students receive assistance through the Timothy Fund to help fill the gap between tuition and what it actually costs to educate each student. 
95 families that received additional tuition assistance through The Timothy Fund last year.
35 families who were unable to meet tuition obligations due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 
$300,000 of need-based assistance provided through The Timothy Fund last year.
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