A Lifetime Goal
Rev. Peter Semeyn

“It means the world to me,” exclaimed senior Timothy Christian girls soccer co-captain, Emma Carter.

She summed it up well. 

The girls soccer team made school history by qualifying for the Final Four in Class 1A of the state playoffs. 

“You dream about this as a little girl,” continued Carter, “and to have it come true is amazing!”

In the Final Four they defeated perennial soccer power Quincy Notre Dame 1-0 in the semifinals on a sauna like Friday where the on-field temperature was nearly 100 degrees. The Lady Trojans then lost to powerhouse Belleville Althoff Catholic in the final game 7-0. When the sting of the loss wears off, this team will recognize that it accomplished something no other girls’ soccer team in Timothy history has accomplished. Placing second in the state is a major accomplishment.

Veteran Coach Jon Hamelinck knew that this team had a chance to be good. He just wasn’t sure how good. Several skilled upperclassmen, including co-captains Carter and Elena Munk, returned and there were sophomores returning who had played a very short season last year that was stunted by the pandemic shutdown. Three freshmen, Lauren Wiegers, Chloe Leppink, and Hope Huizenga, proved to be significant additions that made the team even more imposing. As the season progressed the team began to gel and figure out one another’s strengths and how to play together. They got better every game.

Second in State! Making school history! It means the world to not only the team, but the entire Timothy community. 

“A hard fought 1-0 victory over 3A Glenbard East was a turning point in the season,” said Munk. “That game proved to us that we were really good and could go a long way in the playoffs.” 

Coach Hamelinck concurred. “The Glenbard East game gave us confidence and we built on that from that point forward.”

The hallmark of the Lady Trojans became a stingy defense, which limited opponents to .579 goals per game and posted 13 shutouts. That defense was led by Munk, Sophia Biscan, Marta Veenstra, and Leppink. Corrinne Myket proved to be an outstanding goal keeper. 

Another asset of the team was their adaptability. The players could adjust to situations on their own, which is necessary in soccer because play is continuous and timeouts are limited. It doesn’t allow for coaches to make many in game adjustments like other sports. 

Captains Carter and Munk believe that team chemistry was also a key to the successful season. “There are no cliques on the team. Everyone plays selflessly and we work hard for one another,” they said.

In a year filled with uncertainty, when seasons were changed from their normal timeframe, when some sports had playoffs and others did not, when protocols were constantly changing because of the pandemic, these young ladies persevered and achieved a once in a lifetime goal! 

Second in State! Making school history! 

It means the world to not only the team, but the entire Timothy community.

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