Faithful Service
Matt Davidson

Lisa Zylstra has served in the business office at Timothy for 26 years. Her husband, Dick, served at Timothy before retiring last year and her children attended Timothy. And now she has grandchildren here! She has worn many personal and professional hats over the years. You would be surprised to know everything that Lisa does! But in general, she manages accounts receivable. She is a godly woman of utmost integrity. There’s no one I’d rather have in that role than Lisa. My original office at Timothy was in the business office, and so Lisa was my neighbor. She has not only been an exceptional and trustworthy employee — she is also my dear friend. On a professional and personal level, I’ll miss being around Lisa every day. Timothy will miss Lisa Zylstra in the business office. 

Lisa accounts for all gifts that come to the school and maintains utmost confidentiality, but what Timothy will miss the most is her management of our tuition accounts. Specifically, Lisa works closely with our families who receive tuition assistance. Over the years, she has been a blessing to hundreds (if not thousands) of families as they work overtime or multiple jobs to pay tuition. Lisa is one of the first calls a family will make if they’ve lost their job or suffered a devastating loss of a loved one. She knows that plenty of grandparents help with tuition, and she knows that we’ve even had students who pay a portion of their own tuition. Lisa has been a tremendous support for our families over the years. She has been an encourager, a listener, and she has carried burdens with many of our families. Behind the scenes there are so many heart-warming stories of how Lisa has guided a family through tough times.

As Superintendent, I like to observe how people handle change. Lisa has seen multiple changes in the business office over the years, and she has always quickly adapted. It’s quite possible that no one at Timothy has experienced more change in their immediate work surroundings than Lisa, and yet she always steps up. She has always worked with enthusiasm and a deep love for Timothy Christian Schools. That is a combination I look for in every member of the team here at Timothy. We have our financials audited annually and always with high commendations. Furthermore, we recently received membership status with the ECFA — the blue ribbon for accounting and business practices in the nonprofit sector. Lisa has played a key role in all of this and so much more. She has been critical to our success and our mission.

Thank you, Lisa, for your faithful service to the Lord and our school. We love you.

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