Great Expectations
Dr. Brad Mitchell

Barb Park began teaching at Timothy Christian Schools in 1991 when she taught English in both the middle school and high school. Over the years, she has taught English at every grade level, including junior English, speech, American Literature, study skills, and served as curriculum coordinator. For the past 30 years she has been teaching English 12 and AP English, preparing our students to write and read at a college level, whether they plan to attend college or not. Many alumni have returned to Timothy from college saying that while their classmates struggled in the freshman college English class, they felt as if the college expectations were simple compared to the expectations in Ms. Park’s class. 

Ms. Park has had an impact on not only alumni but current students. Two current students were asked about Ms. Park and they had the following to say about her: 

“She has a fantastic sense of humor, and her wit and sarcasm can brighten any day. It’s obvious that she genuinely cares about her students. She’ll pull them aside to check in if it looks like they’re having a bad day, and she always offers to pray for any student’s struggles. She definitely pushes her students hard, but she wants them to succeed and is always there to help. I’ve really appreciated her encouragement and patience, and I’m thankful for all the time and energy she pours into all her students.”

“Ms. Park has been one of the teachers most integral to my growth as a student and as a person throughout high school. She sees the unique potential in every student and encourages them to become the best versions of themselves. She pushes her students and challenges them to think about life with new complexity. Her love for literature, God, and her students is unmatched. Her ability to tell it to you straight is to be feared (and valued). All that said, the most important thing I learned from her is the importance of integrity. I learned it from her example.”

Ms. Park is a blessing to her students, past and present, and Timothy Christian High School. 

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