For The Win! One Team, One Goal, One Student at a Time
Matt Davidson

We’ve raised nearly $58,000,000 (that’s 58 million!) for our school in the last 12 years…and we’ve put that money to good use! We’ve added real estate acreage to our footprint in Elmhurst, we’ve added buildings and additions, we’ve witnessed extraordinary renovations, and we’ve significantly strengthened all of our programs – curricular, co-curricular, and extracurricular. There are scores of small to mid-range projects we’ve accomplished together as well. Remarkably we’ve done all of this without debt! And all the while we’ve remained immovably committed to our mission as a Christian school and remain Biblically-rooted in all we do. We stand in love on the truth and the promises of God’s Word.

I’m excited about this summer’s project – a newly constructed soccer, track, and tennis stadium! This is not just a “fresh coat of paint” or even a renovation…this is a complete do-over – to the tune of $7,000,000. New turf, lighting, sound, press box, tennis courts, 8 lane track, concession stand, entrance, signage, etc. The new field is also going to be marked for lacrosse! You can read the sidebar for some exciting news (hint: lacrosse is coming to Timothy!).  This new stadium will seat nearly 1,000 fans to cheer on the Trojans! The stadium will also serve as a large space for the Timothy community to gather. The work is well underway, and we’ll have the stadium open for business by Labor Day.

This project also includes some infrastructure improvements for our campus. You might remember that we purchased a residence directly to the east of our tennis courts last year with the intent to alleviate traffic congestion – primarily on Prospect Ave. So we are building Trojan Lane that will open up ingress/egress to Euclid to our east. We’ve conducted a professional traffic study to determine the best flow for the morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up. The lane will be closed by gates at all other times.

Above all, we’ll continue to use athletics as a training ground for life. Our coaches teach so much more than the fundamentals and skills of their sport. We are leadership-minded here at Timothy, and we believe that competition presents challenges similar to those that every person will face throughout life. Although these challenges in high school sports may be on a smaller scale, the ways in which we overcome them and the lessons that we learn from them are the same. Timothy Christian’s excellence-driven athletic program is dedicated to developing character and integrity through sports. We strive to promote working together in oneness, to conquer fears, to overcome obstacles, to look for lessons and motivation in loss and for humility and opportunity in victory.

Timothy Christian’s excellence-driven athletic program is dedicated to developing character and integrity through sports.

We’re all familiar with stories of teams that have underperformed, fallen short, and never reached their full potential. In the final summary, these teams always have a few things in common – lack of chemistry, selfishness, and a declining work ethic. They might be talented, but they fail because they don’t play as a team. They never rally behind a common purpose.

Of course, we’re also familiar with inspirational stories of teams that have overperformed in the role of the underdog. These overachievers often capture our hearts as they succeed. Although they may not be the most talented, they function very well as a team…and sometimes shock the world with “against all odds” victories.

But personally, my favorite teams are those who have high talent and play as a team. They might be skilled enough to win with less than their best effort, yet they give it their all anyway. They work hard with a “bring your lunch pail to work” mentality. When it comes to sticking up for each other, they don’t back down. They trust each other. They don’t make excuses. They give their best and their most. And they love each other. These are the teams that often become dynasties…legends. I’ll put our team here at Timothy in this category.

More than anything else, our team here at Timothy is led by God. We have a common goal in everything we do – it’s all for His glory. Our playbook is His Word, the Bible. For our uniforms, we are clothed in love (Colossians 3:14). Although our huddle and training facility are this 24-acre campus in Elmhurst, we are ultimately sent out into the entire world with our mission. And this mission is important! We can’t slow down or back down. We must stand on God’s Truth and trust His promises. We’re not called to be spectators on the sidelines. We’re here to play! We’re in this together, as Team Timothy, For the Win! One Team, One Goal, One Student at a Time.

Lacrosse Comes to Timothy

“What are those other lines on the soccer field I keep seeing in the renderings?” Well, Timothy is starting a lacrosse program next year. Lacrosse remains one of the fastest growing youth sports in America, and we’re excited to soon offer this program as another option for our student-athletes. As our enrollment continues to grow, our programs must expand proportionally.

Lacrosse is a contact sport – high energy, fast moving, heavily synced teamwork, and it’s also a great spectator sport…it’s fun to watch! We’ll start the program as a club sport in the coming year with the intent to eventually adopt lacrosse as an official IHSA member sport. Based on survey results across campus, we’re still investigating the age groups that will be able to participate in the inaugural club program.

We have seen extraordinary and record-setting performances in our sports programs in recent years, and we’re excited to add yet another arena for our youth to plug in, work hard, develop life skills, and achieve. Above all, we’re excited about another platform here at Timothy to give glory and honor to God.

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