Grandparents Day 2022: A Sweet Tradition

Your faithfulness continues through all generations…Psalm 119:90

It was standing room only in the auditorium on Grandparents Day. Over 650 grandparents (plus some very special friends and mentors) were on campus for Timothy’s K-6th grade Grandparents Day. The excitement from the kids was palpable. Many waved unabashedly from the stage at their beloved grandparents sitting in the audience.

This sweet tradition allows grandparents to see their grandchild’s classroom and meet their teacher and classmates. But more importantly, grandchildren have the opportunity to worship with their grandparents. There is nothing more inspirational than hearing generations praising the Lord together.

And indeed that’s what the first hour of Grandparents Day was. Each grade prepared a song to perform — from All God’s Creatures to Hallelujah, I’m One of His — listening to students sing about God’s truth was another example of the power and eternal value of a Christ-centered education.

Superintendent Matt Davidson (who is a grandpa, too!) told the packed auditorium, “We still have a lot to offer to our grandchildren. We want them to know this for certain: God loves you, God has a purpose for your life, and nothing will be impossible for you as you live out your purpose for His glory.”

This is indeed a high calling — and grandparents are central to it. In fact, Timothy believes in the old-fashioned notion that the absolute best way to raise up the next generation of courageous leaders is through a partnership between the Christian school, the church, and the home — and that includes grandparents! Grandparents are uniquely equipped by God to help nurture a child’s faith and God-given gifts and talents. They are central to Timothy’s mission to uphold Biblical truth and inspire courageous leadership — all for the
glory of God!





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