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Dr. Brad Mitchell just celebrated his 10th year at Timothy as the high school principal. He’s an alum (Class of 1989), has five boys who graduated, and currently has twin girls in 3rd grade. He also recently earned his PhD in educational technology from Concordia University Chicago. We sat down to talk to him about the new high school renovation, what it means to be a National Blue Ribbon school, and why Christ-centered education is more important now than ever before.

What does it mean to be a National Blue Ribbon High School?

We have an exceptional staff, who not only are excellence-driven educators, but truly care about their students. They help each student learn and discover where God has gifted them. Then they work to meet and exceed each student’s potential. I really believe that seeing students as individuals — then building an individually-customized plan with the help of the Director of Learning and support staff — is key to their success.

How do you incorporate Biblical values into the day-to-day lives of students?

From art to math to science — everything is taught from a Biblical perspective. All of our teachers are Christians and subscribe to Timothy’s Biblical worldview, our mission, vision, and values. Our teachers are mentors and actively model to our students how to live out their faith. They pray for and with students on a daily basis, they worship with students in chapel, and, beyond that, our clubs and athletic teams are also Christ-centered. Teams do devotions together, pray together, and Timothy coaches model how to compete with integrity. From the moment a student walks through the doors in the morning to the minute they leave, the foundation they are surrounded by is rooted in Biblical Truth.

We have an exceptional staff, who not only are excellence-driven educators, but truly care about their students.

Timothy has an impressive list of extracurricular activities! What makes them so unique?

One of the benefits of attending a school this size is that students can be involved in many different activities. From athletics, to clubs like Mock Trial, to drama club, there is something for everyone. In fact, 75% of the student body is involved in one or more extracurriculars. Being involved not only looks good on college applications, but it helps students discover their gifts and talents.

Can Timothy students earn college credit?

Yes, we offer Advanced Placement, honors, and dual enrollment classes. Our honors and AP classes will prepare students for rigorous college work and will give them a head start on their college careers. Our teachers really make a difference, though. They are committed to not only teaching every subject through the lens of faith, but also to helping their students succeed. I’ve seen teachers working one-on-one with students before school, during class, and after school.

The high school just underwent a major renovation. Besides being a beautiful new space, how does it impact teaching and learning?

The renovation gives us space, including learning pods, that intentionally create community and collaboration. It gives teachers the flexibility to use spaces in creative ways, such as having a group of students working together, while simultaneously helping another student one-on-one.

How has the Student Commons and coffee shop impacted student life?

The Student Commons has become a great place to hang out. On the surface it looks like an ordinary coffee shop with a ping pong table. But it’s really an intentional space where students can develop and deepen relationships. Finding strong social connections is so important to the academic and overall success of high school students. They crave it. And this space allows it to happen organically.

Renew is the 7-day high school program in January when students can go on a service trip, take a class not normally offered, or do an internship. You went on a Renew trip this year. Why was it important for you to join students in Costa Rica?

I always want to lead by example. And Renew is an opportunity to make an immense impact on a student’s worldview. Serving and reaching out to others who are different, whether that is racially, socioeconomically, or geographically, we want to teach our students to spread love. When they leave Timothy, I want them to go out into the world and be the hands and feet of Christ.

Why does Christ-centered education matter?

I’m seeing more and more secular agendas pushed on our kids. That in turn pushes our kids further away from Biblical Truth. It’s not popular, in fact it’s countercultural, but at Timothy we are committed to standing on Biblical values. We are raising up the next generation of Christian leaders — and I pray they will go out into the world and do everything for the glory of God.

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