$506,000 Raised at the Taste of Timothy
Michael VanDerAa

On Saturday, April 23, 2022, Team Timothy gathered at Drury Lane to feast, fellowship, and fundraise for our new stadium project For the Win! Our guests were greeted by Timothy parent and student volunteers. The attendees had the opportunity to experience the chef’s creativity with entrees and desserts from four different countries: France, Greece, India, and Japan.

As we reflect, we experienced many answered prayers along the way including a record attendance of 300 constituents, performance from our jazz band, and interviews and testimonials from seven of our student athletes. We also received a record amount of support from our 10 sponsors, which made it possible to direct 100% of funds raised at this event to the For the Win! campaign.

Months before the event we had been praying for a matching gift. As God would have it, a day before the Taste of Timothy, Matt Davidson received a call from a dear friend of Timothy who generously committed a $250,000 matching gift challenge. In other words, his family committed to matching dollar for dollar what was raised at the Taste of Timothy up to $250,000! Wow! This was a huge challenge! At the event Robert Venhousen shared a section of scripture from Acts 2:42-47. Bob asked those in attendance to consider a three-year pledge in order to maximize our personal pledges and to help us meet the matching gift challenge. Praise and thanks to God — Team Timothy came through in a big way. A grand total of $506,000 was raised at the Taste of Timothy. That’s over half a million dollars that will go directly to the For the Win! campaign. We still have $345,000 of the $7,000,000 project left to raise, and we’re looking for help.

Whether you’re a grandparent, parent, alumni, or a friend, we’d like everyone to have an opportunity to participate and help close the rest of the gap. For the Win! will put our stadium among the elite for soccer, tennis, and track. But it is so much more than just a stadium — it’s a training ground to build champions for Christ.

When you attend a soccer game, tennis match, or a track meet, you see Timothy student-athletes huddled together praying before and after every competition. In fact, it’s not unusual for them to ask the other team to pray with them. Prayer is an automatic response for our student-athletes because it’s been taught and modeled for them. At the Taste of Timothy, a panel of student-athletes described how athletics has deepened their faith and the impact the new stadium will have on the entire Timothy community.

Whether you’re a grandparent, parent, alumni, or a friend, we’d like everyone to have an opportunity to participate and help close the rest of the gap.

Sophomore Clarissa Chen, who was part of the historic tennis team that placed 3rd at State, explained how tennis has taught her how to compete with integrity. “There is no referee or line judge,” she told the crowd at the Taste of Timothy. “That’s a lot of trust to put in high schoolers who just want to win. I learned that not everyone plays the way we play at Timothy. Through tennis, I’ve grown in my journey with Christ and being okay with being a little different than everyone else. Other coaches have said [Timothy] players are kind and fair — it’s not that we’re nicer — it’s the Lord working through us.”

Of course, our athletic field is not only used for sports, but it’s also a place where our community gathers. This past fall we welcomed over 1,200 people from the Timothy community to Friday Night Lights. And, in May we hosted over 1,000 people at our For the Win! Groundbreaking ceremony and celebration. Our community is at the very heart of who we are.

Senior Ethan Lemkuil, captain of the 4th in State soccer team, explained at the Taste of Timothy how For the Win! will impact the entire community. “We have a lot of other activities that go on besides sports,” he explained. “Octoberfest was outside and we have back to school dances! This will be a place to come together as a community.”

At Timothy, athletics is so much more than just winning and losing. It’s leadership training, a brotherhood, sisterhood, a family for the fans and parents, and just another way to teach young men and women how to do everything for the glory of God!

There’s no doubt, God is at work here at Timothy Christian Schools. Let’s all rally behind this cause for our school and thus maintain the coveted status of being debt free. As of this publication, we still have just about $345,000 to raise for this $7,000,000 project. Our goal is to have this project fully funded by the end of summer. Don’t sit on the sidelines. We’re in this together, as Team Timothy, For the Win! One Team, One Goal, One Student at a Time.

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