Timothy Receives Whole Child Award

Timothy was recently named an IL ASCD (Illinois Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development) Whole Child Award school! After having some officials and agencies seemingly root against us these past few years, it is rewarding to have a third party recognize our commitment to the whole child here at Timothy Christian Schools.
The decisions we’ve made, specifically over the past two years, have been guided by an unyielding commitment to our students. We have considered the whole child when it comes to our program of education, no matter the controversy or the pressures against us, and we will carry on in the pursuit of what is ultimately best for kids.

Timothy’s mission is to uphold Biblical truth, ignite academic growth, and inspire courageous leadership, one student at a time. Our multi-tiered system of support, or MTSS (also known as RtI – Response to Intervention) does just that.

Timothy was one of only 6 schools in Illinois to receive the Whole Child Award.

But at Timothy Christian Schools, supporting and educating the whole child also means standing firm on Biblical values and Truth — even when it’s unpopular in society.

We like winning awards around here (we are a National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence, after all!), and Timothy is committed to an excellence-driven program of education. But we stand by eternally relevant morals, virtues, and values found in the Bible. We will stand in love, and on God’s word. It is our mission to ignite academic growth and inspire courageous leadership one student at a time — all for the glory of God!

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