Building Community: Beyond the Classroom with Kendra Pasek
Michael VanDerAa

Mrs. Kendra Pasek’s primary goal is to help sixth grade girls develop their faith, all while building positive relationships and confidence.

It’s lunchtime on Thursday. And instead of heading to the lunchroom or outside for recess, dozens of sixth grade girls file into Mrs. Pasek’s classroom. It’s not just another place to eat lunch with friends. Instead, it’s a place where deep connections and relationships are fostered, all the while studying women of the Bible. 

“It’s important for girls to bond with each other and to have another place where they can have an adult that they can talk to outside of the academic world,” Mrs. Pasek explains. “I wanted to create a safe space where they can hang out while studying and learning about the women of the Bible.” 

I believe that every child is a wonderful and unique creation from God.

These girls, on the precipice of middle school, are often searching for their place in the ever-changing social world that naturally comes with preteens. Mrs. Pasek has intentionally designed a space that is not only comfortable and inviting, but helps develop positive relationships. “If you don’t have that solid group of friends and you are looking for somebody to hang out with, it’s a good time to get to know other girls,” Mrs. Pasek explains. 

Mrs. Pasek is a fourteen year teaching veteran. She’s spent the last six years teaching sixth grade science and social studies at Timothy. After volunteering to help lead Sunday School when she was sixteen, she knew she wanted to be a teacher.

“It was just natural for me to teach,” Mrs. Pasek says. 

While Mrs. Pasek packs her syllabus with fun-filled projects, it’s the connections with her students she believes to be the most important. “I get to teach students about God's amazing creation,” she says. “I believe that every child is a wonderful and unique creation from God and every child learns and develops in their own way.”

From discussing God’s attention to detail and intricacy in science, to exploring Biblical history, where the stories of the Bible becomes intertwined with places like Egypt and Mesopotamia, Mrs. Pasek also teaches her students about their calling. “God puts many people into His children’s lives, so each child can grow into who God created them to be,” Mrs. Pasek says. 

Instilling confidence in young girls outside of the classroom is just as important to Mrs. Pasek. She’s also the middle school cheer coach. “I love teaching them new cheers, stunts, and dances,” she says, “but my favorite part is watching them grow closer as a team and encouraging one another.” 

Just like in her classroom and her Bible study, her primary goal is to help girls develop their faith, all while building relationships and self-confidence. Mrs. Pasek’s middle school cheerleaders work closely with several members of the high school cheer and pom teams. 

“It is wonderful that I have high school varsity cheer and pom members to help choreograph and mentor the girls,” Mrs. Pasek says. “Seeing the two groups come together to help each other is amazing. My calling is to inspire all my students to be a light. I feel blessed to be used by God to help shape the wonderful children of Timothy Christian Schools.”

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