More For Less
Matt Davidson

We have been busy with construction, renovation, and other campus improvements in the last decade. We have added over 2 acres of real estate to our campus footprint and we have added over 60,000 square feet in new construction. Yet we have done all of this while remaining fiscally conservative. Our school does not carry any long-term debt, our foundation assets have surpassed $5MM, and we recently announced a system-weighted tuition increase of 2% for 2021-2022—one of the lowest increases on record! 

In the last decade we have more than tripled our tuition assistance/financial aid and our average tuition increase during that same ten year span is 3.21% compared to 4.33% from the decade before. Moreover, we are compensating our employees in the top 5-10% of Christian schools based on surveys we participate in each year. We are winning without putting the burden on our current families with high tuition increases, without putting the burden on future families with debt, and without putting the burden on our staff with inadequate compensation. Please! Do the research yourself and compare our school to other private schools of similar size and programming in Chicagoland. Seriously, we confidently encourage this.

As one of the flagship Christian schools in the country, one might expect lofty tuition pricing. But we don’t subscribe to the mirage that a top private school needs to show high tuition rates to prove its clout. To the contrary, we take pride in offering the best program of education and carefully managing our tuition. This is an increasingly uncommon model. This is Timothy. Timothy Christian Schools can rightfully boast “more-for-less”!

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