Excellence-Driven: National Honor Society
Amy Bode

On October 14, thirty-five high school students were inducted into the National Honor Society. The students were selected by the faculty for successfully completing their candidacy. The NHS is the nation’s oldest, largest, and most prestigious student recognition program.

Membership in the Timothy Christian High School Chapter of the National Honor Society is earned by the candidates through the effective demonstration of the four qualities that serve as standards for the Society: scholarship, service, leadership, character.

Congratulations to the following students:

Sureya Alex
Jeffrey Anema
Rachel Bergstrom
Luke Bezanson
Winston Chen
Mia Cittadine
James Clohessy
Ellen Cochrane
Kennedi Foster
Sarah Fox
Jacob Friend
Alexis (Kaye) Galang
Reis Glover
Tegan Gunn
Paige Hoving
Joseph LaBarbera
Amanda Leibrock
Ethan Lemkuil
Benjamin McMillian
Kylie Norman
Jonathan Pae
Kaitlyn Radoha
Fletcher Roemmich
Todd Rylaarsdam
Marcail Schuurmann
David Sianghio
Rachel Smith
Joshua Stob
Leah Tornow
Max vandenBerg
Thomas Vandermeer
Benjamin VanderWal
Matthew VanProoyen
Aidan Veldman
Elissa Wise

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