Beyond the Classroom: Teachers Are the Heroes
Amy Bode

My 7th grade daughter is thriving. 

It’s not lost on me that we’re in the middle of a pandemic and scores of students across the country are suffering immeasurable losses, because remote learning plans simply aren't working. And yet, my daughter has grown socially and academically. But more importantly, she’s grown in ways that can’t be measured by any standardized test, or grade, or chart. Her faith has deepened in ways that I pray carry her throughout life. 

Middle School teachers at Timothy Christian Schools.

Her teachers pray with her and for her. They show her that God’s grace and mercy can be found in science and history and math. Her teachers connect with her and care deeply about her — whether she’s in the classroom or remote learning. They are her mentors and help her live up to her full God-given potential during a worldwide pandemic!

Her teachers continue to show up at school day after day, because they believe in Timothy’s mission, and simply put, they love their students.

Opening a school campus to over 1,200 students during a pandemic is no easy feat. But keeping it open? That’s a monumental task. Under the wise leadership of Matt Davidson, our dedicated Health Team, and the school board, Timothy’s doors have remained opened. 

Two teachers from Timothy Christian Schools.

Classrooms look different this year. Students are six feet apart, there’s an iPad in every classroom for remote learners, teachers use microphones, and plexiglass barriers separate students. Our teachers have had to adapt and be creative — especially our music department! Mr. Pelt, the band director, sat down with me and explained what it took to get kids back to making music. Please take a moment and watch the interview.

Yes, this is a year where nothing looks the same. But there is one thing that hasn’t changed this year: our teacher’s unwavering dedication to developing courageous leaders. I can see their godly influence on my daughter. 

You can read more about the impact teachers and coaches have on our students throughout this issue. Veteran math teacher, Mr. Snoeyink has continued to make connections with students his top priority! And writer Hally Huizenga (Class of 2022) claims he even manages to make Honors Pre-Calculus fun! 

The list goes on and on! But there is one thing I know for sure —Timothy could not continue to keep its doors open if it weren’t for our teachers. They are the real heroes. And as a parent, I couldn’t be more grateful. 

A third grade teacher at Timothy Christian Schools.

Please enjoy this edition of The Reflector. And join me in praying for our teachers and staff who continue to Go Beyond for my kids and yours. 

Forever grateful, 

Amy Bode 







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