Issue 1
Volume 19
Issue 1
Go Beyond. A Battle Cry.

Go Beyond. A motto, or a battle cry, that represents “us” in just two words. Simple yet ambitious. Two words that imply action and endless pursuit — an overarching goal that is never fully achieved and a dream that is never fully realized. As soon as our school succeeds in any arena, we almost immediately hear the charge again: Go Beyond! It is a motto that never allows the finish line to come into view.

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The One Thing

For the first time, most of the stories in the Reflector were written, edited, and photographed by students. These talented students embraced the opportunity, met every deadline, and exceeded all expectations.

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World Champion

Seth Buikema knows more about geography than anyone else in the world. In a gymnasium at the Berlin Brandenburg International School in Kleinmachnow he was announced the World Geography Champion. It took him years of competition — winning State and National championships ­— to finally reach the highest point of success. 

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Finding Her Voice

After three years of filling Timothy’s music department with the talent of her operatic voice, Dana McAdam reached further by applying to the American Choral Directors Association National Conference. Through nerves and anticipation, she sent in her perfectly prepared audition tape and eagerly awaited the response.

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Drawing With Light

If you walked down the hallway that is squeezed between the courtyard and the auditorium, during third period and took a right, you would most likely find Kiarra Jernagin crouched on the ground posing in front of a camera lens taking one of her self-portraits. 

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The Golden Ticket

The lights came on, the curtain opened, and the music began. In the fall, the middle school drama club performed Road Dahl’s Willy Wonka Jr. Brilliantly colorful costumes filled the stage as the performers began their song and dance. With every line the audience laughed or gasped. Each student displayed a new side of themselves as they let their inner performer shine. 

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