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by Sarah Kiefer, Class of 2021

Junior Abygale Ahn watched ER doctors aspirate a man’s lung at Mercy Hospital in Chicago.

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She’s an intern at the hospital during Renew. She has always been interested in medicine. In fact, she wants to be a family physician. An 8-day internship during Renew allowed her to experience the different departments in the hospital.

So far she has been in the ER, ENT, pediatrics, therapy, and the orthopedic unit.

But it’s not just being a doctor that interests her. She wants to help people by going on mission trips.

“My dad is a doctor and has been to Honduras over 20 times and treats almost 100 people every day,” Abygale says. “But mission trips helped me see that being a doctor would be a way I can help in missions. I have been on 6 serve trips and I think I want to do that at some point in my life — in Latin America, Africa, and other underserved countries.”

Her dream is to go into family practice, so she can build relationships with patients throughout their life through all the good and bad times.

So far she liked the ER the most. “It was more fast-paced,” Abygale says, “I just liked learning what was going on and what happens and how they treat it.”


Sarah Kiefer is a freshman at Timothy Christian. She is a photographer. She loves God, working with kids and animals, and one day she hopes to be a nurse.


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