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Renew is Timothy Christian High School’s 8-day term that occurs after Christmas break and prior to semester 2. The focus of this term is to engage students in discipleship opportunities through course work, internships, and service travel experiences not available to students during the rest of the academic year.

Guest​ ​Instructors:​ We are looking for adults who have a heart for students learning something you know well and can teach them. Here are courses previous guest instructors taught: Archaeology and the Bible; Making Music That Builds Community; Discipleship and Rock Climbing; Forensic Chemistry; Event Planning; Basics of Golf; Astronomy; More Than a Bunch of Rules (Refereeing); Relax.; Storytime

If you would be interested in being a guest instructor, please contact Tyra Bone, Renew Coordinator and Renew committee member at bone@timothychristian.com.

Internship​ ​Hosts:​ ​ Every year we have 20-30 students who choose to participate in an internship to better determine if their chosen future line of work is a good fit. Our goal is to establish a directory of people willing to host an unpaid intern during Renew.

If you would be willing to be a host,* please contact Kendra Lee, Renew Intern Coordinator and Renew committee member at lee@timothychristian.com.
*Note: We may not have a need for your internship opportunity every year.

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