Renew is Timothy Christian High School’s 8-day term that occurs after Christmas Break and prior to the second semester. The focus of Renew is to engage students in discipleship opportunities through course work, internships, and service and/or travel experience not available to students during the academic semester.

There are three Renew options for Timothy Christian High School students:

Internships — Juniors and seniors can arrange for an unpaid internship in a work area of interest.

Courses — Students have the opportunity to attend unique courses not normally found in the high school curriculum, often with multiple off-campus field trips and experiences.

Trips — Students can embark on a discipleship or mission trip.  Renew trips are domestic and international.



New Internship Policies

Renew’s internships have become very popular.  They are a blessing to the students as well as those the hosts whom the students shadow.  With the rising numbers of students choosing this option, our committee has determined that internship signup must begin earlier so as to provide necessary, additional organizational time.

Therefore we will require juniors and seniors interested in this option to begin the process now.  Internship applications are now available beginning April 9, 2019, and must be completed by May 4, 2018.  Use this LINK to access the internship guide and application.  If you have any questions please contact Mrs. Lee, the Renew Internship Coordinator and Renew Committee Member.





This past year’s course offerings were great once again. Students had the opportunity to take unique courses like Rock Climbing and Discipleship, Sports History, GarageBand, Music in Chicago, and many more. Use this LINK to view the Renew 2018 Course Guide.

The 2019 Renew Course Guide will be available at the beginning of October.





RENEW TRIPS – Domestic and International

2019 Renew Trip Brochure

It is important to note the trip registration process and prerequisites below. 

Renew Trips 2019

We are thrilled to offer trips to Belize, Costa Rica, Houston, Orlando, Tampa (Cheer), and Arizona (Basketball).  All trips emphasize service to others in different ways.

Those traveling to Belize with Mr. DeKoekkoek (leader) and Mrs. Slovey will work with a local mission that serves the local churches and children.  Students going to Costa Rica with Mr. Rink (leader) and Ms. Dirkse will build a home! Mr. Wierenga (leader) will accompany students traveling to Houston to serve those still impacted by Hurricane Harvey.  Students traveling to Orlando with Mr. Wiener (leader) will support the YWAM ministry in the Orlando area. The cheer team, led by Mr. and Mrs. Tameling, will partner with the Well Ministry in Tampa. And the basketball team, led by Coach Plaisier will go to Phoenix where they will serve local missions and practice at Mr. Davidsons former school.

Applications are now being accepted.  The deadline for completing an application is April 27, 2018.

For more details on all these trips, please use this this link for the Trip Brochure and to access the application.  Please note that applications can only be filled out by students using their Timothy emails.  If you have questions, please contact Mrs. Bone at bone@timothychristian, the Renew Coordinator for the Renew Committee.

Application Process:

  • Students and parents/guardians should carefully read the trip descriptions to be fully informed about the trip, trip leaders, studentcosts, and prerequisites.
  • While parents/guardians are encouraged to supervise the process, only the student may complete the online application, using the student’s Timothy email account. Parents/Guardians should not complete the application for students.
  • Application deadline is May 4, 2018.
  • Trip Options/Choices:  Students will be asked to make a 1st trip choice and a 2nd trip choice. If a student does not meet the prerequisites or the trip is full for their 1st trip choice, the student will automatically be considered for their 2nd trip choice, if one is selected. We encourage all students to indicate a 2nd choice as we cannot guarantee a spot on the roster of their 1st choice. If a student does not wish to be considered for any trip other than the 1st trip choice, student will select “no 2nd choice” on the application. The student will take classes during Renew 2019 if they are not approved to go on a schedule trip.
  • During the week of May 14, 2018, students and their parents/guardians will receive a response to the Renew trip application. If accepted, applicants’ FACTS accounts will be charged a $100 application fee. Additionally, accepted applicants and their parent/guardian will receive a letter communicating the payment schedule and other necessary details.
  • Please note the below prerequisites for travel apply until the travel date. Therefore, if any of these prerequisites no longer applies, a student’s travel can be revoked. If a student’s travel is revoked, the student will be responsible for expenses to that point.
  • If a student chooses to withdraw after their application is accepted, then the student will be responsible for expenses to that point.
  • Students and parent/guardian understand that if during the student’s trip, the student violates any rule of Timothy Christian High School as outlined in the school’s handbook, the student may be sent home at the family’s expense.
  • NEW – The Renew Committee requires insurance on all trips, not just Joshua Expedition-coordinated trips. This amount will range between $50-$100, depending on the trip, but cannot be quoted until the trip is confirmed.  Therefore this amount is not noted in the brochure as yet.

Travel Prerequisites:

  1. Students must be in good financial standing with their Timothy tuition.
  2. Students may not have any disciplinary issues between application acceptance and travel date.
  3. Students recognize that the Timothy code of conduct applies on these trips.
  4. Students meets the requirements of the individual trip coordinators.
  5. Student/family agree to abide by the payment schedule.
  6. Students will be required to pay for travel insurance in addition to trip cost.
  7. Students’ medical insurance information may be required.
  8. Students traveling abroad will need to get a passport as soon as they are confirmed for the trip.
  9. Some trips may require an interview.



If you have any questions regarding our RENEW program, please contact the RENEW Coordinator, Tyra Bone, at