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The weekend of April 6, the TCHS Robotics Team competed in the VEX U.S. Open National Competition, held in Council Bluffs, Iowa. 175 high school teams competed in two divisions (randomly determined). The team (known as 4454 – Robominable) arrived Wednesday night in Omaha, and spent Thursday practicing on the tournament fields and getting their robot inspected.

Team 4454 played in six qualification matches on Friday, and robot 4454 took three wins, three losses. On Saturday morning, the team played in four qualification matches, and had three wins, one loss. After qualification matches robot 4454 was  ranked 33rd of 88, with a win-loss record of 6-4. Next, alliance selections began, in which the top sixteen robots each choose two others to be allied with for the elimination bracket. 4454 was chosen by team 7536A, from Ridgeland, Mississippi, who also picked team 6135H, from Cecilia, Kentucky, and all three together became the 16th seeded alliance.

Saturday afternoon began the elimination matches, and the first matchup of the bracket was alliance 1 vs. alliance 16, the first team to win two matches advances. In the first match, robots 7536A and 6135H played against two robots from alliance 1, who won the match. However, in the second match, Alliance 16 (6135H & 4454 now) was able to win the autonomous (no human intervention) period, but eventually lost after a long contest of back-and-forth scoring in the driver controlled period. It is noteworthy that Alliance 16 was able to win the autonomous period, as the leader of Alliance 1 (the top seeded robot) had won every autonomous period they played in until that point. Alliance 16 was then eliminated as Alliance 1 had won two matches against them. Team 4454 returned home Saturday night, relaxing in the conclusion of a successful season.

To learn more about TCHS robotics and the 2016-2017 competition game VEX Starstruck, visit the team’s website at tcsrobotics.weebly.com.

Congratulations to the TC Robotics Team!

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