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(L to R: Vandermolen, Yurschak, Helmkamp, Detmer, VanderNaald and Coach Wierenga)

The Timothy Christian Robotics team participated in the VEX World Robotics competition in Louisville, Kentucky from April 26-28. This was the team’s first appearance at the World competition. About 600 teams gathered from around the world, including teams from China, Mexico, Japan, Ethiopia, Russia, and Canada. The TC team finished the qualifying rounds with a 7-3 record, which placed them in the top 30% of the teams.

They were selected as a captain of an alliance for the Divisional playoffs and formed a partnership with a Canadian team. They lost the single-elimination playoff match 114-94. The 5 seniors on the team were Jack Vandermolen, Nathaniel Yurschak, Ben Helmkamp, Simon Detmer, and Eric VanderNaald. The team sponsor is Mr. Tim Wierenga.

Congratulations to all on a remarkable season!

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