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(Vandermolen, VanderNaald, Detmer, Yurschak, and Helmkamp)

Timothy’s VEX Robotics team opened their tournament season this weekend at Niles West with a 2nd place finish out of 40 teams, qualifying for the State competition! VEX is a world-wide contest, consisting of over 16,000 teams in 40 countries. These engineering showdowns help the students apply STEM concepts in a game-based setting.

The Trojan team, consisting of Simon Detmer, Ben Helmkamp, Jack Vandermolen, Eric VanderNaald, and Nathaniel Yurschak, began work on their robot “Robominable” this summer. They struggled a bit in the qualifying rounds, landing them 7th out of 8th in the alliance selection. However, as the team captains of their alliance, they chose alliances wisely and came from behind to take 2nd place in the final showdown!

Their robot also scored highly on the Skills competition where they are judged on their programming skills and driving skills. The Robot is put on a course and programmed to act autonomously to accomplish different tasks without the driver giving input. Then the driver of the robot will be rated on their ability to move the robot around the course, pick up and stack cones, and move the cones to certain target areas. Their score has them ranked  8th in the world!

State competition takes place on February 24 at Niles North High School in Skokie. The team is coached by Mr. Tim Wierenga.

Congratulations team!

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