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written and photographed by Maddie Schaafsma, Class of 2018

Currently it is 12:36 on a Wednesday night. I am lying awake with a newfound awe of my Savior. Tonight I saw and felt the Lord bright and clear for the first time in my almost 18 years of life.

Walking up the steps into chapel on Monday morning, if you would have told me this, I would thought you were crazy. Spiritual Emphasis Week was something Timothy had never done before and no one knew what to expect.

Don’t get me wrong, I have known Jesus as my Savior for as long as I can remember. I have grown up in the Christian community of Timothy Christian Schools and my church. I have grown up worshiping and praising God. I’ve been to hundreds of chapels here at Timothy, but the chapels this week were incomparable.

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Day one of Spiritual Week, I thought that Jeff Klein was a great speaker. But here at Timothy, we get a lot of great guest speakers each year. By day two, I knew that this guy had a relationship with the Lord, unlike anyone I knew or had heard of.

But day three. Day three was when it became so real for me.

In the middle of chapel, the verse Exodus 33:18 was displayed on the board: “Then Moses said, “Now show me your glory Lord.””

And as soon as I read that verse, something hit me.

Chapel continued on and Jeff Klein shared amazing stories and testimonies of himself and others. He also shared how if students went home and asked God to be a presence in our lives, and asked for God to reveal Himself to us, he would.

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I spent my entire day looking forward to my prayer time at night. This uncontrollable excitement over prayer was something so new to me.

I was busy at school until 9 pm, but an hour after coming home, I found myself in bed and ready to sleep. But my prayer time still had not happened.

I powered down all my electronics, shut off the lights, and kneeled beside my bed with open palms.

For almost an hour, I spent time in prayer. I talked to God personally about every single thing and detail happening in my life. But most of all, I prayed with my entire heart and soul, for God to reveal himself to me.

When I thought my time of prayer was over, I definitely felt closer to God, but I did not see Him or feel His presence in the way I was hoping.

I climbed into bed and sat straight up. I continued sitting there for a few minutes, with no explanation. I then felt at complete peace.

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Suddenly, a mist of tiny lights appeared directly in front of me. I was unable to move. The entire room became freezing, and these tiny, twinkling lights, moved around in front my face like a spirit. I was awestruck and physically shaking.

I couldn’t close my eyes or even move a muscle.

The only thing that continued running through my mind was: This is the fear of the Lord.

I felt the Glory of the Lord and saw the presence of the Holy Spirit.

I call those lights and spirit that I saw my “Holy Spirit Sparkles.” I asked for God to reveal His Glory to me and He did.

Spiritual Emphasis Week at Timothy has become something so real and personal to me. It’s given me a renewed relationship and fear of our wonderful and indescribable God.

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