Family and Consumer Science Department Chair
Ms. Cynthia WagleFamily and Consumer Science Department Chair

Personal Profile

My love for the outdoors is due to my being raised in the small farm town of Geneseo, IL, and being my dad’s daughter. I enjoy just being outside, so, most of my favorite activiti

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Educational Support Teacher
Mrs. Anna WatsonEducational Support Teacher

Personal Profile

I grew up in Clinton, Indiana and moved to the Chicago area 22 years ago.  For the past 20 years, I have lived in Elmhurst with my husband and daughters. This will change in the fa

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Full Day Kindergarten Teacher
Mrs. Leigh WardFull Day Kindergarten Teacher

Personal Profile

I moved around a bit growing up, but always within Illinois, and I consider myself to be originally from central Illinois, near Peoria. My husband and I have lived in Elmhurst for t

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Second Grade Teacher
Mrs. Anna WhartnabySecond Grade Teacher

Personal Profile

I grew up in the small town of Cedar Grove, Wisconsin within a Christian family. I attended Christian schools my whole life (in fact, my first time calling a public school my “hom

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High School Social Studies Teacher
Mr. Brian WhartnabyHigh School Social Studies Teacher

Personal Profile

My AP U.S. History teacher inspired me to pursue a history degree in college, and my practicum experiences through Wheaton College affirmed my desire to teach social studies at the

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Bible Teacher
Rev. Mac Wiener, Jr.Bible Teacher

Personal Profile

I grew up in Elmhurst and came to Timothy Christian High School for my junior and senior year. I not only received a great education but also a rich Christian education. God used my

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High School Math Teacher
Mr. Tim WierengaHigh School Math Teacher

Personal Profile

I grew up in the RCA where my Dad served as a minister in Michigan, Colorado, Iowa, Colorado, and Illinois. My wife, Amy-Jo, and I live in Winfield with our son Josiah. We have 3 ol

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Eighth Grade Spanish Teacher
Ms. Corrine WieringaEighth Grade Spanish Teacher

Personal Profile:

My name is Corrine Wieringa.  In 2009, I graduated from Timothy Christian  alongside many close friends and relatives. Teaching has provided the incre

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Director of Teaching & Learning
Mrs. Kristine WiseDirector of Teaching & Learning

Personal Profile

I am a Timothy graduate, class of 1992. I distinctly remember talking with Mr. George Bosman when I was in 6th grade about my aspirations to be a teacher and he said, “Maybe you

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