Find pages, calendars, programs, information and other resources useful to current students at Timothy Christian Schools.

College Counseling & Career Guidance

The counseling department seeks to help students realize their God-given gifts and abilities and to encourage students to flesh out God’s call in their lives academically, socially, and spiritually.  We are available to assist students with proper course selections necessary for graduation and admission to college as well as to assist them with college selection and scholarships.

E-Campus Bookstore & Textbooks

Timothy has partnered with to help high school students purchase textbooks. This site will help you select the correct versions and make you aware of any e-book or i-book alternative. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the high school office.


Timothy Christian High School uses Edmodo as our cloud based system to share resources, turn in homework, and schedule assignments, quizzes, and tests.

High School Exam Schedule

Examination time is a time for testing and evaluation. Twice a year, during December and May, high school students have a responsibility to give an account of what they have learned.

Prior arrangements have already been made to reschedule students who have 3 exams on the same day or 2 exams during the same block. The academic support department will initiate extended time exam arrangements for qualified students. If your student does not have an exam during an exam block, please use this form to excuse them from school during that block

Extracurricular & Clubs

We have a place for you! Learn more about Timothy’s extracurricular, co-curricular, and clubs.

High School Extracurricular & Clubs
Elementary & Middle School Clubs

Learning Commons (High School)

The high school learning commons is a place for students and faculty to equip themselves with the resources needed for class instruction and research.

Library & Media Center (K-8th Grade)

Timothy Christian Schools maintains a library to teach students how to become effective users of information and to provide resources for enrichment and enjoyment. Visit the Library & Media Center page for hours, calendar, reading inspiration and more.

Mealtime Online

Timothy’s cafeteria uses Mealtime — an online hot lunch purchasing system where you can add funds to your student’s account cafeteria account. (Students may also take a check to school and purchase lunch tickets.)


Renew is an seven-day term occurring right after Christmas break. Its focus is to engage high school students in discipleship opportunities through course work, internships, and service-related trips not available to students during the academic semester. Annual participation in Renew is a graduation requirement.

Spirit Wear

Purchase spirit wear online directly from Timothy Christian Schools.

Summer School

Days and times for Timothy Christian High School’s 2019 summer school program will be announced in February. Last year, courses ran from 8 AM – 12:30 PM or 1:00 – 5:30 PM. Freshmen may take two summer school credits; upperclassmen are limited to one summer school course for .5 credit.


The Peer Tutoring Program is a free tutoring program Timothy provides before, during, and after school. The program focuses on peers tutoring peers, with sessions twice-a-week (30 minutes long.)