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TCHS had their first induction ceremony for the National Honor Society on October 12. The students were selected by the faculty for successfully completing their candidacy. The NHS is the nation’s oldest, largest, and most prestigious student recognition program.

Membership in the Timothy Christian High School Chapter of the National Honor Society is earned by the candidates through the effective demonstration of the four qualities that serve as standards for the Society: scholarship, service, leadership, character. A GPA of 3.6 must be maintained to be considered.

Congratulation to the following students for this honor!

Juniors: Abygale Ahn, Brianna Alex, Noah Bezanson, Seth Buikema, Andrey Cronenwett, Daisy Dai, Alden DeHaan, Jill Forgac, Morgan Hoving, Nicholas Johnson, Amy Kuiper, Linday Mahler, Anna Marousek, Trent Marrera, Dana McAdam, Claire Miller, Andrew Petrulakis, Garrett Pullen, Olivia Reamer, Jack Rhiner, Ben Rowell, Michaela Sardinas, Mary Sheehan, Celeste Vandermeer, Matthew Van Zeelt, Brooke Watts, Heidi Westra

Seniors: Elizabeth Bradley, Liz Canfield, Catherine Carter, Emily DeBoer, Simon Detmer, Lisa Grane, Yanni Gu, Rebecca Hanna, Valerie Hoekstra, Steven Huizenga, Emily Kiefer, Brady Klooster, Jake Loerop, Will Mitchell, Xavier Ross, Olivia Schuringa, Dakota Tameling, William Terpstra, Michael Thomas, Eric VanderNaald, Annika Ward, Tracy Westra

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