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Timothy has a long-standing history of strong performances at the annual Math Triathalon, hosted by Trinity Christian College, and this year was no different. The 16 member team, consisting of 3rd-6th grade students, has been practicing through the month of November. Their hard work paid off by bringing home the 1st place trophy on December 1!

There are three scored events at the Triathlon including the individual test, team test (consisting of 4 students – one 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grader), and a relay. Timothy did especially well on the individual tests and the team test. Not only did Timothy get 1st place in the team test, but had two of our four teams tie for first place, which helped clinch the overall 1st place victory. The team was coached by Mrs. Christine Voss and Mr. Kevin VanderWal.

Congratulations to the following team members:

3rd Grade: Sophia Hughes, Julia Matke, Jonah Roemmich, Sejal Sachs
4th Grade: Elin Eiseman, Austin Hill, Logan Schultz, A.J. Rakers
5th Grade: Samantha Drye, Philip Obazuaye, Hyan Sachs, Nate Schuurman
6th Grade: Ashley Rakers, Clarissa Chen, Tanner Roemmich, Phillip Kitsutkin

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