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We are tremendously blessed by the commitment of our School Board.  They are a united team with unwavering courage, inspiring vision, and a contagious passion for Christian education.  

Our school is widely considered one of the premier schools in all of Chicagoland and one of the flagships for Christian Schools International (CSI). We have an excellent program of education, a strong arts program with a rich tradition, an athletic program noted for high achievement, and an unwavering conviction to train, equip and inspire this generation of young people to change the world for Jesus Christ.  

We are a school of multiple generations and yet also a school with many new families joining the team each year. Over 250 churches are represented at Timothy Christian School and over 55 different communities. Our school operates without any debt and holds Foundation assets over $4.5MM, while maintaining one of the lowest tuition rates in the area among comparable schools. Moreover, we have raised and invested over $30MM into our school campus, facilities, programs, and initiatives since 2010! And, yes, our enrollment continues to grow. The list goes on…but you get the picture—we have a great school!

Our school is strong primarily due to the leadership of our School Board and their desire to work unto the glory of God. God has used this group to dream big, to pursue successful outcomes, and to achieve great things. Moreover, this group will go down in history as the Board that led the charge with Project IMPACT—the largest capital campaign and one of the greatest overall initiatives in school history—and subsequently this Board has now launched Phase II.

We have several Board members finishing their term this year. Although some will stay on for another term, others are departing from their role on the Board. Please take a moment to read all about these outgoing Board members below…and be sure to say “thanks” the next time you see them.  God has used each of them in mighty ways.

Randy Huisman. Randy loves our school and is proud to be a part of this community. Randy has been a strong leader on our Board. He has served on the Donor Relations Committee (which has been setting all-time records in recent years), and he has been the Chairman of the Extra-Curricular Committee. Since 2010, 44% of our varsity athletic teams have had their best IHSA finish in school history, and Randy’s enthusiasm for excellence has been a driving force behind our success. Randy has invested heavily in our students. He leads work-outs with them every morning and always closes with prayer and a devotion. Our students love and respect Randy. He is a man of God and has been an “ALL IN” Board member.

Joel Rhiner.  Joel has brought a high level of expertise to our Board. He is an attorney and excels in getting others to look at a matter from a different point of view—which has been valuable for our Board and for me specifically. Joel has served on the Donor Relations Committee and has been highly instrumental in our fundraising achievements, and he has also served on our Extra-Curricular Committee.  Joel doesn’t do anything half-speed and he never takes short-cuts. His work ethic has been an inspiration to those around him, and our school has greatly benefited from it. Joel believes in our students…he is able to look beyond some of the “flaws” of our youth and see the extraordinary plan that God has ahead for them.

Ross Teune.  Ross is a man of conviction and inner strength. He is fully committed to the Lord and our school and is widely respected in our community.  Ross is steady…reliable…and always willing to “step up” to make us even better. Ross has served on the Extra-Curricular Committee where his entire family has been instrumental in helping our school to achieve strong results. Ross has also served on our Finance & Operations Committee. Much of the flare around our school’s financial prosperity rightfully hovers around our fundraising efforts, but it is important to note that managing money is every bit as important as raising money.  Ross has consistently displayed wise stewardship and a watchful eye with our budget.

Becky Vander Veen.  Becky is a strong leader with deep convictions for Christian education.  She has been critical to our success in many ways. She is contemplative and not one to rush to a conclusion. Becky has a “finger on the pulse” with our community and has faithfully served our families during her time on the Board.  Her accounting skills have made her a key member of the Finance & Operations Committee, and she has been on the Technology Committee as well—where things change rapidly. Becky has taken her role on the Board very seriously and, to my knowledge, she has never let us down.  Becky is held in high esteem throughout our community by parents, Board members, and staff.

In summary, these departing Board members are passionate about Timothy Christian School. They love our school, our families, our students…and they love Jesus. These Board members have demonstrated an “ALL IN” type of commitment in every regard. I have been blessed and honored to serve them and to serve with them in the advancement of the mission of Timothy Christian School.

Very Truly Yours for the Mission of Timothy Christian School,



Matt Davidson, Superintendent

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