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This past weekend was filled with excitement from the minute the cheerleaders stepped onto the buses heading toward Bloomington, Illinois to the minute that they stepped onto the mat for their final performance of this routine. In between these two moments, many people played parts in encouraging the girls with positivity and strength after many hours of practice.

Alex Jokich, a Timothy alumni, spent numerous hours taping the girls and editing the footage to create a movie for inspiration before the big day! (click here to see the State video “Rise Up”).

Parents decorated the bus and the hotel hallways and rooms, as well as held signs and cheered for their very own cheerleaders. A handful of TC staff also made the trek just to root the girls on. Our students gathered to give the team an enthusiastic send off on Thursday afternoon.  Principal Mitchell gathered with the girls to pray with them before they loaded on the buses to leave for Bloomingston.  Friday morning, students and staff gathered in the Learning Center to watch the team perform at Prelmins. How overwhelmingly supported the team felt! THANK you. THANK you. 

God showed up in many places this weekend as He always does! The team made it to the state finals, qualifying to perform in the top ten teams in the small division. Following this high energy, near clean routine, they were able to take 7th place. The girls look forward to performing once again for senior night in our home gym to finish out the season!

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