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“State! State! State!” The crowd chanted with just a few seconds left in the boys basketball Super-Sectional game at Northern Illinois University. 

As the clock wound down, the students in the makeshift Red Zone chanted louder and louder. The energy from our fans was electric. The Timothy Christian Trojans were headed to State after a 40 year drought. 

That was March 10.  

In fact, the boys basketball team wasn’t the only team trying to make history that week. In all, there were five teams chasing a State title – Mock Trial, DECA, Scholastic Bowl, and two VEX Robotics teams. Our students were making school history! The school was abuzz: How many State titles could be captured in one weekend! 

What an extraordinary time to be a Trojan! 

On March 13, because of COVID-19, the decision was made to close school through the end of spring break. Not a single student competed in a State-level event. 

And now here we all are, wrapping up our first week of home learning. No one could have imagined that this would happen. And that Super-Sectional game and the multiple other competitions over the last month – they all feel like they happened in another lifetime. 

Even still, that night at NIU is a reminder of our incredible community – and how we simply show up for each other. That night the stands were packed with Trojan fans  – teachers, alumni, parents, students, grandparents – who drove nearly two hours to support their Trojans. 

Little did I know that just over a week later – sheltering at home – our Timothy community would be more important now than ever. In fact, Christian education is more important now than ever.

The time to train up courageous leaders is now. And that is why home learning is so critical. As I helped my kids with their home learning, the notes and videos from teachers were overwhelming. They love my kids. They love your kids. They are so committed to Biblically-based education they are making videos from their kitchens and living rooms, so our kids can continue learning. They are the real heroes! But it is about so much more than State titles and reading and writing and excelling in math and science. Our teachers are committed to pointing every single student – from preschool to seniors – to the one truth that matters – and that’s Jesus. 

Watch the news and the world seems like it’s spinning out of control. But God is in control – and our kids are being taught to lean into Him. Imagine the impact our kids could have on this world that seems so lost right now. Imagine how they could change it – all for the glory of God. 

It is indeed an extraordinary time to be a Trojan. 

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