Timothy Foundation and Planned Giving


Building Timothy Today and Tomorrow

In 1978 Timothy Christian Schools was named the beneficiary of a $28,000 bequest from the estate of “Aunt Tena” Huizenga, a Timothy constituent who had dedicated her life as a Christian missionary. The Board of Directors took this bequest and established the Timothy Foundation as a way to provide support for the long-term benefit of the school. Because of this and other generous gifts which follow to this day, the Timothy Foundation is growing–current assets are just over $4,500,000–and able to provide support each year for tuition assistance to families from supporting and affiliated churches, faculty development, funding for new programs, and other donor-selected restricted projects.

A strong Foundation helps to ensure that Timothy Christian Schools will remain a viable option for all families desiring a quality, Christ-centered education in the Reformed tradition.

The Timothy Foundation is governed by a Board of Trustees accountable to the Timothy Board of Directors. The Foundation assets are invested in a managed and diversified portfolio .


Planned Giving Opportunities

While direct cash gifts to the Foundation are always welcome, the primary way in which Foundation assets grow is through planned giving opportunities. Timothy is a member of the Barnabas Foundation, a Christian organization which advances God’s Kingdom by offering quality planned giving and estate planning services. Should you wish to use the services of the Barnabas Foundation, please contact Timothy’s Director of Advancement, Bob Venhousen venhousen@timothychristian.com or 630-782-4072.

The Barnabas Foundation provides:

  • Clear and easy-to-understand planning information.
  • Answers to your estate planning questions.
  • Estate planning visits in your home or by telephone.
  • Professionals with estate planning experience.
  • Tax calculations and illustrations for charitable gifts.
  • Competent local Christian attorney referral choices.
  • Informative estate planning presentations.

The Barnabas Foundation can help you plan your gifts for maximum efficiency and impact. It may surprise you to know that almost any asset may potentially become a charitable gift. You may contribute :


  • Cash
  • Stock and other securities
  • Real estate
  • Business interest
  • Life insurance
  • Tangible personal property
  • Commodities
  • IRA or other retirement assets
  • Bequest from a Will or Trust