How much will your payments be? The answer depends on a number of factors, including your age and the type of lifetime income agreement you choose. Use our free online tools to calculate your potential income!

Income for Life

Lifetime income agreements – such as charitable gift annuities and charitable remainder trusts – are wonderful solutions for those who wish to give to Timothy Christian Schools in a substantial way, but are concerned about having enough income.

You can give cash or other property, and receive steady income for the rest of your life (or a designated number of years). The remainder will benefit Timothy.

Benefits of Lifetime Income Agreements

  • Win-win. Support Timothy while securing income payments for life or a designated number of years.
  • Eliminate hassles. Give assets that you no longer need or care to manage (such as rental property or vacation homes) to benefit God’s Kingdom.
  • Tax-wise. Receive an immediate income tax deduction at the time of your gift and reduce capital gains tax when funding your gift with appreciated assets.

Learn More

To learn more about gifts that provide income for life or other smart and powerful giving options, contact Robert Venhousen by email or phone at (630) 782-4072.