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Timothy and Park Place of Elmhurst have created a fruitful partnership that has been providing benefits for Timothy students and Park Place residents for over 5 years. This past week was a perfect example.

The Timothy varsity basketball team hosted a TC Angels experience where students offer their talents to residents that have needs or tasks that are difficult for the resident to accomplish. Retrieving and hanging Christmas decorations, minor chores that include lifting or bending, or cell phone and tablet instruction are just a few of the items that the students were able to tackle.

Later in the week, the bi-weekly ping pong tournament that pairs a resident with a student as teammates coincided with a dress rehearsal of the VEI team’s oral presentation which was evaluated by a group of retired business professionals living at Park Place. One is a recreational event that creates an opportunity for people of different age groups to participate in an activity that they both enjoy. The other is a learning experience that allows the students to practice and get valuable feedback about a project before its final judging at a national competition.

Finally, four members of the elementary school’s chess club traveled to Park Place and challenged a couple of residents to matches. The residents which are lifelong chess players, are always very impressed with the mastery of the chessboard that our students display at such a young age. Our third and fourth graders are evenly matched with the residents and it Is anyone’s guess who will end up victorious on any given day. Quite a compliment for our students and the program.

We are grateful for the opportunity for this partnership and a chance to learn from one another!

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