Where knowledge and creativity collide.

Students at Timothy study the intricacies of creation and the cosmos. They read Salinger and Shakespeare. They analyze Homer and Hemingway. They solve algebraic equations and explain geometric proofs. They also learn what it means to be loved, to be redeemed, and to be called by the Creator of the universe to live as children of light. Teachers inspire academic excellence to ensure all students are well prepared for the next chapter of their life, whether it’s transitioning to middle school or college.

Students learn to listen, question, read and explore. They challenge assumptions and ask for help. They are taught what it means to use passion, curiosity, and a willing heart to move, shake, and change the world.


Timothy students not only measure up, they rise above.

Over half of the kindergarten through 12th grade faculty at Timothy hold master’s degrees, and this is reflected in students’ test scores.  Whether elementary school, middle school, or high school, Timothy’s test results far exceed the national and state scores. In fact, Timothy’s scores rank among the best and in many cases exceed some of the best funded public school options. In 2015, 94% of Timothy’s high school graduating class took the ACT test.

Timothy’s Class of 2018 ACT Results

Top 5%      34.0
Top 10%    33.6
Top 25%    32.2
The overall average for the entire class was 25.0.

Additionally, in 2018, 94% of Timothy’s students who took Advanced Placement tests for college level credit scored equal to or better than the score typically necessary to receive college credit. 28% of our students who took advanced placement exams were recognized by the College Board as an AP Scholar, AP Scholar with Honors, or an AP Scholar with Distinction.

More than 40% of our middle school students scored at or above the 95th percentile on their Iowa Test of Basic Achievement, qualifying them for the National Talent Search. Because of our students’ consistently high scores across subjects and grade levels, Timothy Christian Elementary and Middle School ranks at or above the 96th percentile in all grade levels tested (core composite) when compared with other schools taking the ITBS (based on current norms).

ELA Total91959997999997
Math Total99989797959397
Core Composite97979996969796

Norms based on weighted frequency distributions of school averages.


Timothy is in the business of developing character.

Faith development—the growing of Christian disciples—is the connected work of home, church, and school. In our work with students it helps to know that we are singing out of the same songbook. If we listen well, students tell us stories of salvation. They report sightings of God’s grace in Christ. And a Christian academic community can steer these stories in the direction of character and faith development. Often those moments come in the consideration of the basic questions of life, asked in one form or another at different stages of life, even among the youngest here:

● What do I live for?
● What would I die for?
● What am I made of?
● What do I stand for?

We encourage students to become disciples on the other side of salvation. And what is a disciple? An apprentice. Someone who follows Jesus. Listens. Learns. And is in it for the long haul. Where does this faith development happen? In the classroom to be sure, from what students hear from teachers and see in teachers. In worship, in play, in the hard work of homework and testing. Just about everywhere you look at Timothy, we strive to develop academically prepared disciples of Jesus Christ.