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This past weekend, over 75 5th-8th students were involved with the production of Willy Wonka Jr.. Whether performing on the stage or helping with props, sets or sound and lights, everyone played an important part in bringing this lively show to life!

Ian Sianghio (8th) played the title role of Willy Wonka with the perfect blend of quirk and whimsy while Marta Veenstra (8th) delivered the character of a female Charlie Bucket with the perfect sweet innocence you’d expect.

A phenomenal supporting cast of spoiled children & indulgent parents, colorful Oompa Loopmas, hilarious grandparents, Charlie’s supportive parents, a spunky news anchor and talented chorus kids entertained four appreciative audiences. One theater goer commented “It’s hard to believe these are middle school students! There is so much talent!”

Thanks to the many parents who helped out behind the scenes with costumes, running concessions and everything in between. Shout out to Scarlet Frens & 3 other lucky winners who found golden tickets in their Wonka Bars and won Willy Wonka Jr. gift baskets.

Kudos to the cast, crew and directors Katie Crichton & Deanna Markos for an outstanding show!


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